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Dark Model – Saga – rBeatz Radio

“Epic and powerful, these electronic mixes will take you on a journey underground and into the future.”

rBeatz Radio, EDM-oriented music website and radio station, published a detailed and track-by-track review on the album “Saga.” We would like to thank the author My Nguyen for choosing Dark Model’s music and writing the creative article.

rBeatz: Dark Model – Saga

“This epic album starts out with Prelude, an operatic start that immediately dives into a dramatic stronghold with the heightened effect of symphonic elements layered in with energetic strings and the movements of electronic music. The orchestral embellishment is definitely highly-strung, and with the ebb and flow of the symphony, there are moments where audiences will be left starry-eyed and mesmerized.”

“The title track, Survivors, is filled with energetic strings in a tight and stirring production. The orchestra epically depicts the intricate layers of the song over raging electronic beats and the enriching vibe of the percussion. Saga is a complex soundscape of extremely confrontational music with a strong EDM and trance feel.”

“The choral beginning of Inferno Suite will really get audiences into the vibe of the piece. The dramatic set-up, with its fast beats and tension build, gives way to a massive orchestral structure backed with electronic beats. Though already heavily layered, the choral addition adds an enlightening aspect to the production.”

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