“Saga” album review on Music-News.com (UK)

Music News.com - Dark Model - Saga review

“Saga is a brilliant, visual-inspiring composition by an electronic master. It takes you on a thrilling adventure with danger, mystery, and majesty all while using modern techno to amp up the adrenaline. If you’re looking for more out of electronic music than five-second loops and bass drops, dig into Dark Model. There’s a whole other universe to explore.”

Music-News.com, a UK-based leading music publisher who is called as “the BBC of the music industry,” selected and reviewed Dark Model’s “Saga” album. We appreciate Mr.Ireson’s thought-provoking analysis on the musical jargon “epic,” which is absolutely worth reading, and his detailed review on “Saga.” Thank you so much!

Music-News.com Album review: Dark Model – Saga

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