FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions about Dark Model

Set out below are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Dark Model (Tatsuya Oe) and the music. Hopefully, you find these answers helpful.

– Releases & Distribution –

Q. When are you likely to release the 2nd album of Dark Model?

(Mar22, 2017 Updated) Dark Model’s 2nd album “Saga” will be released on March 24, 2017. Please visit the album page on this website.


Q. Where can I download or enjoy streaming of Dark Model’s music?

MP3 Downloads: iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Music Store, Rhapsody, CD Baby, Bandcamp, etc.
Streaming services & Internet Radio: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Slacker, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Groove Music (Microsoft), etc.

For the details on an album basis, please explore the discography page on this website.

Q. Where can I get a CD of Dark Model’s albums?

United States: Amazon, CD Baby, CD Universe. F.Y.E, etc.
Europe: Amazon UK/France/Germany/Italy, MusicStack, etc.
Japan: Amazon.co.jp, Tower Records, Disk Union, etc.

For the details on an album basis, please explore the discography page on this website.

Q. I’m a record shop owner. How can I stock/resell/import Dark Model’s CDs?

If you are interested in stocking/importing copies of Dark Model’s 1st album, please contact Alliance Entertainment Corporation or CD Baby.

Alliance Entertainment Corporation: http://www.aent.com/
CD Baby (Reseller Direct program): replenishment@cdbaby.com (Also refer to https://www.cdbaby.com/reseller)

– Licensing Dark Model’s Music –

Q. How can I get a license to use Dark Model’s music for my media project?

If you’re interested in featuring Dark Model’s music for your commercial project such as television programs, advertising campaigns, motion pictures & their trailers, video games, please check these pages on Model Electronic official website and contact us via the license request form.

How to Obtain a License to Use Our Music (Licensing Tutorial)
Music Licensing & Library FAQs

If you are considering using our music for a project with a small budget, we recommend you visit our new micro-licensing store. We provide affordable license options for non-broadcast and limited usage such as monetized videos on Youtube, crowdfunding campaigns, and small business promotions (non-paid advertising).

Hopefully, you will find a micro-license type that suits your needs.

Visit Tatsuya Oe (Dark Model/Captain Funk) Micro-licensing Store

Tatsuya Oe Micro-licensing store

Needless to say, it is strictly prohibited to upload Dark Model’s music without our permission onto any music/video sharing service such as Youtube and SoundCloud.

– Hire Dark Model (Tatsuya Oe) –

Q. Is it possible to ask you to make original music or a remix for my commercial project?

Whether or not, and how to work on bespoke/custom music production depend on situations of your project such as its concept, budget, timing/schedule, and terms of agreement. Please let us know your situations as closely as possible via the contact form or the license request page.

Regarding Tatsuya’s past work for commercial projects, please refer to these pages on his official website. Most of his recent commercial work has been based on sync licensing placements, which means we have licensed our pre-existing and owned music.

Tatsuya Oe Credits/Awards: http://www.tatsuyaoe.com/biography/credits/
Commercial Reels: http://www.tatsuyaoe.com/video/commercial-reels-and-music-placements/

Incidentally, please note we don’t accept any kind of “spec work (speculative work)” request. Tatsuya has never done it throughout his career.

– Music Production –

Q. What instruments and software do you use to make Dark Model’s music?

We would like to avoid going deeply into “what gears to have and use” stories because we think that kind of information could divert listeners’ attention from what Tatsuya wants to convey through his music. Having said that, Tatsuya sometimes blogs about his tips and insights on music production so that they can inspire young music producers as well as my fans. We suggest you visit his blog page periodically.

Tatsuya Oe English blog: http://www.tatsuyaoe.com/blog/
Japanese blog “Music Production” tag: http://www.tatsuyaoe.com/findings/tag/music-production/

Addendum (May 2016): The other day we received a question like this from a Dark Model’s fan who resides in the US. Just for your reference, here is Tatsuya’s answer to the question.

Question: “First off, I recently found the Dark Model album and have been listening non-stop! I am a complete amateur composer, but I would love to know what sound library you use for string sounds, especially your solo violins? They sound amazing! I am using some famous library to practice my technique but find it lacking. If you don’t mind sharing some good libraries for that professional string sound, I would really appreciate it!”

Answer: “When it comes to making string sounds, I have used my custom-made/original Kontakt (Native Instruments) patches for years as well as several commercial sound libraries. While you could try a couple of famous brands to get closer to what you want to sound, I would recommend you spend time in learning articulations of orchestral instruments and how to express them with MIDI programming. I believe that is more important than what libraries to choose in the long run.”

Q. How many hours do you spend completing one song?

On average, it takes a few hundred hours to finish one track. The maximum would be around five. The entire process includes composition, programming, performance/recording, mixing, and mastering. I spend more time in programming and mixing than the rest of the process.

– Merchandising –

Q. Where can I buy Dark Model T-shirts? Are they available somewhere?

As of March 2019, we do not merchandise Dark Model T-shirts and its related goods.

– Tours & Gigs –

Q. Do you have a plan to tour or have a gig as Dark Model?

We appreciate your interest. As for Dark Model (and as of Aug 2017), Tatsuya focuses first on recording and releasing its quality music. Just for your reference, here is a quote from his interview with UTG magazine.

Question (UTG): “Have you been playing any of these new tracks live or have plans for touring this year?”

Answer (Tatsuya): “I haven’t played Dark Model tracks in live performance yet. When it comes to performing these tracks, several possibilities could be considered (e.g. not only spinning these as a DJ but also performing in a band or even with an orchestra). Having said that, no matter how or with whom I play this music, I’d like to work on it so as to keep the intuitive/impulsive/primitive feels which this music originally has. As you know, sometimes easy collaborations or expansions could work against and lose its original edge. It would take some more time to make my mind up about what is the most exciting and realistic way to play this music, but I believe I will be able to come up with an interesting live set.”

Regarding Tatsuya’s past tours and live acts, please refer to these pages on his official website.

Tatsuya Oe Credits/Awards: http://www.tatsuyaoe.com/biography/credits/
Events/gigs: http://www.tatsuyaoe.com/category/news/event/

– Social Media –

Q. Do you have a Twitter account?

No. As of Aug 2017, Tatsuya and Model Electronic don’t have a Twitter account under any name. We don’t have an Instagram and a Pinterest account, either.

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