Judgment Day (Apocalyptic/Classical/Dubstep)

Dark Model-Judgment Day

This is the album version of “Judgment Day”. On this version I added new orchestral arrangements & harmonies as well as enhanced dynamics of the electronic beats. You could tell this mix sounds more articulate and sharper than the previous version.

This track is included in Dark Model’s first album.

(Original description)
Apocalyptic, orchestral, and epic hybrid track featuring minimalistic violin phrases and a building structure consisting of woodwinds, horn ensemble, and heavy beats & bass. While it has a touch of dubstep/EDM-esque music, I tried to draw the line with just another “orchestral EDM” by adding my own musical ideas and influences.

BPM: 80
Keywords for this track:
Orchestral, Classical, Electronica, Hybrid, Dubstep-esque, Apocalyptic, Armageddon, Emotional, Epic, Minimalism, Building, Trailer Music, Video Game, Action, Battle, War, Sad, Dark, Aftermath, Disaster, Melancholic, Violin, Piano
Composed and produced by Tatsuya Oe

Movie Directed by Paradise Jam (http://www.paradisejam.jp)
CG by Akao

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