Dark Model - Prelude

New Track: Prelude

“Prelude,” the opening track of “Saga,” immediately dives into a dramatic stronghold with the heightened effect of symphonic elements layered in with energetic strings and the movements of electronic music.

Dark Model - Labyrinth

New Track: Labyrinth (from “Saga”)

Unlike the other tracks of “Saga,” there are little electronic elements in this track “Labyrinth” as I wanted to make this track sound as organic and lively as possible. Hopefully, the purity of this track gives a significant role to solidifying the structure of “Saga” story.

Dark Model-Links and Stores

Dark Model related Links and References Updated

“Links & References” includes not only a comprehensive list of links to physical & digital music services and apps where the music of Dark Model is available but also some collections of links to Dark Model related social media services, interviews, and references.

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