“Saga” album review on ARTpublika Magazine

Saga Review on ARTpublika Magazine

“This is your personal hero soundtrack!”

New York-based ARTpublika Magazine published a creative and detailed review on the album “Saga.” We would like to thank the author Liz Campese for choosing Dark Model’s music.

“Sometimes, just sometimes, it would be nice to add a soundtrack to our lives ― like when we’re doing something adventurous, possibly dangerous, or downright epic. In those particular instances, mainstream music can be too pop and lyrical to reflect the bigness of the moment. But Saga, the second album by Tatsuya Oe’s latest project Dark Model, may be exactly what we need.”

“Saga truly makes you feel like you’re embarking on adventure full of heroic exploits, which is exactly what the award-winning producer wants.”

Album Review: Saga by Dark Model

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