“Saga” album review on M.I.R.P 411 website

MIRP - Dark Model - Saga review

“Oe absolutely got it right with ‘Saga.’ The beauty of this release is undeniable, the musicianship is stellar, and the conceptualization and composition is exquisite. Throughout, there is foreplay, buildup, climax, and then calm. ‘Saga’ is a universal work of art that will no doubt be universally enjoyed; it has no country, no ethnicity, no age, no era, no genre.”

We had a great review on Dark Model’s album “Saga” from M.I.R.P 411 (Music-Interviews-Reviews-Photos), a music news & review website in the US. We appreciate that Susie9mm, who is the author of the article, chose “Saga” and wrote the very creative, track-by-track review.

M.I.R.P 411: Dark Model “Saga” review

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