“Saga” album & “Storm Goddess” review on Ellenwood EP

Dark Model "Storm Goddess "review on Ellenwood EP

“Saga is a great album for classical listeners who would love a more modern bent as well as indie and electronic fans who enjoy the drama and intensity of classical suites.”

“The song (“Storm Goddess”) opens with powerful snares and violins, produced in such a way that the listener will have a hard time figuring out what parts of the piece were done by performers and what parts are digital. This is especially true with the drums, which though they are one in a techno breakbeat style, truly sound like they could be being played by a highly skilled drummer.”

Los Angeles based online music magazine Ellenwood selected Dark Model’s “Saga” album and featured “Storm Goddess.” We would like to give big thanks to the author Layla Marino and Ellenwood magazine.

Ellenwood: Track Review: Dark Model “Storm Goddess”

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