New Track: Labyrinth (from “Saga”)

Dark Model - Labyrinth

Unlike the other tracks of “Saga,” there are little electronic elements in this track “Labyrinth” as I wanted to make this track sound as organic and lively as possible. When it comes to making Dark Model’s music, I have been cautious about the proportions of orchestral and electronic sounds in which I use in one track. What I would like to avoid is a case where the music sounds like a “remix” (of some orchestral music).

Sometimes it is necessary not to try to cram electronic elements just to come off as modern or edgy because it could ruin the meat of what should be conveyed through the music. Hopefully, the purity of this track gives a significant role to solidifying the structure of “Saga” story.

Here are some reviews which described this track. Enjoy them as well as the music.

“Survivors,” for example, is ideal for a 80s inspired athletic sequence, but “Labyrinth,” being the only recording to forgo electronic components, is appropriate for a more somber ― but still ― epic event.”

(Liz Campese, ARTpublika Magazine)

“Other tracks such as “Labyrinth” are delicate and sound as if performed straight off the stage of a live orchestra, with heart-tugging piano melodies that encapsulate the feeling of hope and despair all in one.”

(Isiah Reyes, Enter the Venture)

“The dense affair of Oe’s Saga takes in more heavily clad layers of repetitious melodies as we circle into the next track, titled “Labyrinth.” The dramatic storytelling unfolds as the ominous sounds of hypnotic strings fleshes out a tense, yet spirited narrative.”

(My Nguyen, The Celebrity Cafe)

“Our favorite tracks are ‘Survivors’ and ‘Labyrinth.'”

(Louis Pratt, Viral Pirate)

“‘Labyrinth’ backs off on the imminent peril and finds our protagonists once again reinvigorated in their travels. The orchestration finds itself somewhere between Howard Shore’s adventurous Lord of the Rings score and Danny Elfman’s quirky fantastical scores”

(Jon C. Ireson, Music News)

(This may sound funny, but I have not watched “Lord of the Rings” series except for some of their highlights. I have hardly heard the music as well although I would listen to Mr. Shore’s early soundtrack “Videodrome” in my twenties.)

BPM: 135
Keywords: Modern Classical, Baroque, Mysterious, Solemn, Uptempo, European, Cinematic
Composed and produced by Tatsuya Oe

These tracks are excerpts from Tatsuya Oe’s composition and production works. Regarding media synchronization such as advertising, film/TV, video games, etc, third parties must obtain proper commercial licenses prior to any usage of the musical works contained herein which are considered to be protected musical works. Please contact us via Model Electronic License Form to obtain a license. Several tutorial pages for music licensing are available as well.

Caution: It is strictly prohibited to upload these tracks without our permission onto music/video sharing websites such as Youtube.

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