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Dark Model - Prelude

“Prelude” is the opening track of the album “Saga.” While the first album mainly consisted of many somber, literally “dark” tracks including the opening “Dance of Wrath,” as the tagline “Unleash your inner hero” indicates, I wanted Saga to have more uplifting elements and hooks so that the listeners can feel like a hero and immerse themselves to the motivational worldview of the album.

As you can hear in traditional fanfares and national anthems, when it comes to making (orchestral) music sound “motivational” or “rousing,” it is common to feature brass/horn instruments. I chose, however, not to use them and decided to go mainly with strings because I wanted to make a sharp contrast with the following fanfare-like track “Avalon,” which compounds full brass sound with massive electronic beats. I hope the decision worked well for the story of Saga to move forward dramatically.

Here are some reviews which described this track. Enjoy them as well as the music.

“This epic album starts out with ‘Prelude,’ an operatic start that immediately dives into a dramatic stronghold with the heightened effect of symphonic elements layered in with energetic strings and the movements of electronic music. The orchestral embellishment is definitely highly-strung, and with the ebb and flow of the symphony, there are moments where audiences will be left starry-eyed and mesmerized.”

(My Nguyen, rBeatz)

“The first track, ‘Prelude,’ sounds like it could be used in an action flick. Its intro sounds like the theme song to a perpetrator being 2 steps behind you. It then picks up a blistering pace that leads to the songs crescendo. Awesome stuff.”

(Johnny Taylor, Now Hear This)

“‘Saga is introduced by a high flying ‘Prelude’ that seems to lead you to uncover a magic kingdom in ‘Avalon’.”

(Jon C. Ireson, Music News)

BPM: 150
Keywords: Modern Classical, Contemporary, Dramatic, Epic, Heroic, Hopeful, Orchestral, Triumphant, Tutti, Uplifting, Marching Drum
Composed and produced by Tatsuya Oe

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