New Track: Inferno Suite (from “Saga”)

Dark Model - Inferno Suite

Apocalyptic and uplifting “Inferno Suite,” which is included in the latest album “Saga,” was composed as a self-contained “suite,” a sequence of short musical dramas. I came up with the rough idea of this track long before I undertook the Saga project, but I ended up spending much time to solidify the structures of each piece so that they could be incorporated into a thematic song, in other words, one story. Hopefully, you will feel excited about how the story plays out on this track.

By the way, from the song title, many of you may think I was inspired by Dante Alighieri’s (or Dan Brown’s Dante-inspired) “Inferno.” Strange though it may sound, however, what reminds me of the word inferno first are none of these but a 1974 American action disaster film “Towering Inferno” and The Trammps’ disco hit song “Disco Inferno” which was featured in a ’77 phenomenal film “Saturday Night Fever.” Both are two of the most memorable and symbolic embodiment of American culture in the ’70s which gave me vivid impressions on me, who was a kid living in Japan. It was much later than those experiences when I knew Dante’s the Divine Comedy.

Here are some reviews which described this track. Hopefully, you will enjoy these articles as well as the music.

“The following track “Inferno Suite” has a choral beginning that really gets listeners into the moody appeal of the piece. The racing, fast beats sets up the pace for the radically massive structure of the entire work. The electronic beats backed by an orchestra is fervent with an energetic vibe and surmounts from the addition of choral layered harmonies.”

(My Nguyen, The Celebrity Cafe)

“Our protagonists have set off from their home to fight evil, rescue the captives and return victorious. The heavy choir ramps up in intensity to highlight the dire nature of their quest.”

(Jon C. Ireson, Music News)

“The next song, “Inferno Suite,” features a larger-than-life choir and electronic bass clocked in a maximum. It’s a track that will easily pump up anyone working out to go the extra mile.”

(Isiah Reyes, Enter the Venture)

“Norwegian black metal band Dimmu Borgir meets Adam Ant in 1982 came to my mind.”

(Susie9mm, MIPR)

(I hadn’t known the band until I read this article.)

BPM: 135 (Various)
Keywords: Choir, Suite, Uptempo, Dramatic, Dark, Heavy, Apocalyptic, Industrial, Percussive
Composed and produced by Tatsuya Oe

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