New Track: Dawn of Resurrection (Anthemic Finale of “Saga”)

Dark Model - Dawn of Resurrection

“Dawn of Resurrection” is the ending track of Dark Model’s second full album “Saga.” This song, which features sparse, ambient intro and anthemic chorus sung by the soprano, plays a role to close the story which is depicted through “Saga,” but at the same time, the title implies that your heroic journey still continues. “Resurrection” doesn’t always mean a specific religious or one-time only event but more spiritual or metaphysical ones which you would encounter in your own life. You might call that kind of resurrection “transformation.” You sometimes feel beaten, defeated, and devastated. But you can have a chance to rediscover and redefine the purpose and meaning of your life anytime. Yes, you can resurrect yourself, e.g. regain your motivation (inner hero) as long as you will.

I would like to share with you an interesting backstory about this song. Before I made up my mind to go with “Dawn of Resurrection” as the title of this song, I asked one of my friends in NYC if he felt the title fit well. He, who is American and an expert in literature, answered me yes and added, “with this track, for some reason, Osamu Dazai’s Japanese novel No Longer Human (Ningen Shikkaku) came to mind–a book I really love.” While it was totally unexpected that I heard the name of the book from him, I was very intrigued by the fact he had found some common ground between my song and that Japanese dark tale filled with woe.

As I mentioned above, I included a positive and motivational message in this song, like “you can find a way to go through the darkness (such as struggle, adversity, and devastation) by transforming yourself,” which seems somewhat different from what Dazai wanted to tell us through the book. However, it may be said that at least both try to tell a story by focusing on struggles of an individual, e.g. the dark side of the human psyche.

Here are some great reviews which described this track. Hopefully, you will enjoy these articles as well as the music.

“The last song is called Dawn of Resurrection and it starts slow. That doesn’t last long as it builds and builds until we get to the anthemic and harmonized outro. A perfect ending.”

(Johnny Taylor, The Huffington Post)

“The closing track “Dawn of Resurrection” serves as a satisfying closure to the range of emotions the listener has gone through – from the very highs of empowerment to the lows of self-reflection.”

(Isiah Reyes, Enter the Venture)

“The song ‘Dawn of Resurrection’ is a delicate work marked by soft strings. The piece is a total crescendo that gradually transforms into another powerful anthem.”

(Marie Flounoy, The 405)

BPM: 100
Keywords: Sparse, Ambient, Female Soprano, Inspirational, Building/Storytelling, Dramatic, Hopeful, Ending
Composed and produced by Tatsuya Oe

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