New Track: Avalon (Adventurous/Thematic)

Dark Model-Avalon

“Avalon” is included in Dark Model’s second full album “Saga.” As the tagline of the album “Unleash Your Inner Hero” states, this track is full of triumphant energy, and it features fanfare-like “Tutti” brass and strings arrangement, entrenched by the pounding marching drums, dubstep-esque beats, and growling heavy synth bass.

However, the music hasn’t assured your eternal victory yet as you could sense that foreboding feeling from a couple of mysterious sections coming and going between the chorus and tutti parts. Be warned. You never know what comes after one triumph. The saga has just begun.

When I set about this piece of music, I imagined a panoramic landscape like this. After winning a battle, the protagonist (= you) navigating an aircraft was weaving your way through obstacles still coming at you such as opponents, flying animals, and mountains of solid rocks, and soaring into the sky towards his temporary destination, the legendary island called Avalon.

What I came up with as the song title at the same time was “Ganryū-jima,” an island in Japan which is well-known (among us Japanese) for the duel between Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojirō, who both were prominent swordsmen. That title would have made it difficult for you to depict the story of the music (because it focuses too much on the battle).

We have got some great reviews which described this track not only adequately but also eloquently.

“The two following tracks, “Avalon” and “Rage and Redemption” offer equally invigorating landscapes in different ways, as the former begins with an epic burst of energy that flows at a steady pace and features a mysterious and intriguing middle section, while the latter blasts in with dance beats ready to hit the club scene. With added choir vocals in the mix, the track keeps the epic theme intact with fierce passions and body-moving drums.”

(Isiah Reyes, Enter the Venture)

“Saga is introduced by a high flying ‘Prelude’ that seems to lead you to uncover a magic kingdom in ‘Avalon’. Broad brass fanfares roar over halftime dubstep style beats. Glory and grandeur are on full display. One imagines shimmering waterfalls from lush green cliffs. Rivers create a moat around a towering castle. The stuff of fairytales.”

(Jon C. Ireson, Music News)

“Track 2, Avalon, sounds like a post-apocalyptic victory march. But you’re not exactly sure if it was the good guys that won.”

(Johnny Taylor, The Huffington Post)

“On ‘Avalon,’ we see the electronic details being derived from a brooding atmosphere. There is a depth to the darkness that surrounds the track. The airy themes and notes of adventure really carries in this ambient-based song. With a marching band style, this song incorporates different aspects of electronic beats to create a lively ambiance to the haunting riffs and thematic refrains.”

(My Nguyen, The Celebrity Cafe)

BPM: 70 (140)
Keywords: Orchestral, Thematic, Dramatic, Soaring, Panoramic, Energetic, Progressive, Impactful, Tutti, Cinematic
Composed and produced by Tatsuya Oe

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