Tougher Than Steel (Thematic/Symphonic Electro Rock)

Dark Model-Past Tracks

An exciting and dynamic orchestral electro rock track which features impulsive unison of orchestral hits, heavy guitar riffs, and hard-hitting marching drums & beats. Filled with thrilling, heroic, swaggering, and high-pressing fighting feelings.

Keywords for this track:
Symphonic, Orchestral, Heavy Rock, Heavy Metal, Dynamic, Motivational, Rousing, Hard-Hitting, Fighting, Swagger, Badass, Aggressive, Dramatic, Hybrid, Exciting, Impulsive, Adrenalin, Thrilling, In-your-face, Anthemic, Gritty, Dirty, Intense, Furious, Tense, Mysterious, Wild, Warrior, Battle, Sports, Championship, Fight, Chase, Brave, Heroic, Epic, Kakutougi, Car Race, Crime, Spy, Guitar Riff, Marching Drum, Military, Brass Band, 70s, 90s

These tracks are excerpts from Tatsuya Oe’s composition and production works. Regarding media synchronization such as advertising, film/TV, video games, etc, third parties must obtain proper commercial licenses prior to any usage of the musical works contained herein which are considered to be protected musical works. Please contact us via License Form to obtain a license. Several tutorial pages for music licensing are available as well.

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