New Track: Storm Goddess (Thematic/Adventurous/Breakbeat)

Dark Model-Storm Goddess

“Storm Goddess” is included in Dark Model’s second full album “Saga.” This track has a structure like a “suite” (a sequence of short musical pieces), and as a whole, it builds one dramatic story. Thankfully, we had great reviews which described “Storm Goddess” adequately (and even eloquently). We hope you will enjoy these reviews as well.

Reviews on “Storm Goddess”

“On ‘Storm Goddess,’ the stormy, destructive staccato beat along with lively riffs constructs a layered sound as well as a strong sense of atmosphere. The technological-based beats do not detract from the acoustics of having a live orchestra in the background but by far enhances the arrangement.”

(My Nguyen, The Celebrity Cafe)

“‘Storm Goddess’ is an adventurous song that sounds like something you might hear in a superhero movie. It has an ever-changing beat that is sometimes powerful and fast, and at other times slower and more moving. It builds to a climactic crescendo, then delves into a more sinister tone. This may be the point where the hero learns something that could change their life. Trust me, when you listen you’ll have a movie playing in your mind as well.”

(Yvonne Glasgow, Beat Dot Media)

“Another standout track of Saga is ‘Storm Goddess,’ a darker more ambient piece complete with epic brass, swirling strings, pounding tympanic solos and massive drum beats. Furthermore, ‘Storm Goddess’ features well-placed moments of silent anticipation, which culminate with a return to the main theme.”

(Marie Flounoy, The 405)

“The song opens with powerful snares and violins, produced in such a way that the listener will have a hard time figuring out what parts of the piece were done by performers and what parts are digital. This is especially true with the drums, which though they are one in a techno breakbeat style, truly sound like they could be being played by a highly skilled drummer.”

(Layla Marino, Ellenwood EP)

BPM: 138
Keywords: Orchestral, Thematic, Heroic, Dramatic, Progressive, Impactful, Tutti, Fast-paced
Composed and produced by Tatsuya Oe

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