“Saga” Album Reviews Report Vol.2 (The 405, Gig Soup, Beat Dot Media, etc.)

Gig Soup - Dark Model Saga

We have continued to have reviews on “Saga” from news and music websites such as The 405, Beat Dot Media, and Gig Soup. Following the vol.1, we would like to provide the excerpts from some of them here. We appreciate that these journalists and critics picked “Saga” and wrote the awesome articles.

“The record speaks on invincibility, it deals with the basic human desire to succeed and to be bulletproof, and with Saga, Dark Model is bulletproof.”

(Marie Flounoy, The 405)

“Oe is clearly a genius when it comes to music that shouldn’t work well together becoming something quite enjoyable and inspiring.”

(Jon Niles, Gig Soup Music, Originality:90/100, Content:91/100)

“You’ve watched epic sagas on the big screen with songs that played in the background as the hero saved the girl or the good guys battled to save the lives of everyone. You’ve felt that power, and that power is something you can feel when you listen to Dark Model. It’s like an epic adventure for your ears.”

(Yvonne Glasgow, Beat Dot Media)

“Listening to “Saga,” Dark Model’s sophomore release, I felt like I was simultaneously being pulled back into the past and catapulted into the future.”

(Chris Kompanek, The Huffington Post)

“On “Saga,” fans of both orchestral music and dance floor anthems will unite as this album does a masterful job at combining both genres seamlessly together. At times, there will be an epic, over-the-top choir that is filled with intense emotions and at other times, the pulsating beats will have the listener swaying to the infectious rhythms.”

(Isiah Reyes, Enter The Venture)

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