Hope Is Never Gone (Uplifting/Orchestral Trance)

Dark Model-Hope Is Never Gone

This is the next preview from Dark Model’s full album. Uplifting, trance-esque orchestral electronic track features minimalistic piano, strings & horn arrangements, and marching drums.

With this track, I wanted to put some hopeful and positive energy into the album. It may come off as unexpected from the name of the project; I don’t intend to put any negative message into music under the name of Dark Model. Rather I aim at making music that can inspire and motivate listeners. Themes underlying this project are something like “how to live positively and move forward even when you are in the darkness” or “how to cope with the darkness (of the world, inside you, etc)”.

BPM: 130
Keyword: Orchestral, Uplifting, Trance-esque, Inspiring, Motivational, Hopeful , Wistful, Cinematic, Edgy, Trumpet, Piano, Marching Band, Minimalism, Spine-Tingling, Exciting

Movie Directed by Paradise Jam (http://www.paradisejam.jp)
CG by Akao

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