50 Comments on Dark Model Youtube Channel that Inspired Me

Thanks for your comments

I oftentimes receive impressive, encouraging, and even constructive feedback via Dark Model’s Youtube channel, and I really appreciate it. Today I would like to provide 50 examples here to show my gratitude. Thanks so much for taking time to listen to my music and put these awesome words. You have no idea how much they have been my inspiration!

(I left their account names hidden to respect their privacy. Also, I fixed some typos so that everyone can understand these comments clearly. Please visit Dark Model’s Youtube channelthe video pages on Youtube if you would like to check the details.)

Judgment Day (Video)

“I was searching for so long on Youtube to find music like this! I love it! 😀 Please keep uploading your songs, I’m sure many fans will be glad! :)”

“Thank God for Shazam getting me here from Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Great track!”

“Indeed, I truly (like) your music. Sophisticating, perfect for my ears. God …”

“.. speechless!!!! This is much more than exceptional………. wow! GREAT!!!”

“This song reminds me how much I am thankful for hearing sense. Inspirational on my road to recovery to fight the dark energy go towards the light and use grey matter and the dark matter to gain control in the universe.. strings do their thing.. oneAmor”

“Only for Dubstep lovers! Leave every thing you are doing right now, raise the volume up and press play! Enjoy!”

“Man more like this please!”

I Will Return (Video)

“I would say that I have already heard like 10,000 songs in my life from hundreds of artists but Dark Model is my favorite! The only thing that I regret is that I cannot listen to more of your awesomeness – combining modern electronic with orchestral renders a perfect synergy which is really what I am into. 16 music tracks are quickly listened through… perhaps you will make a mix that has a decent length? I have a strong desire for this kind of holistic music that leaves no wishes open :D”

“This is the best music I’ve heard in years dude… both of my favorite genres combined, amazing”

Hope is Never Gone (Video)

“This is way better than the other orchestral trance music I tried listening to. They were light and upbeat to a sickening level. This is heavy, intense, and suspenseful, which is perfect for me.”

“I came here because I searched for motivational electronic music on web, and here i am!!!, listening to something that made my brain explode… because this is E.P.I.C. !”

“Dude, I’ve been listening to your stuff since 2013 when I saw the commercial for the droid with your track on it. This is some unique shit and its amazing. Keep this going man, id love to see you do a live set one day!”

“wirklich sehr gute lieder die du hast 😉 gefällt mir … Gruß”

“Can U post the sheet music for your pieces? If so, I would love to play any of these with with a group of friends.”

My answer “That’s a great idea. Realistically, it might be better for you to arrange and create your own sheet music of my pieces so that it can work with your ensemble. If you have any further questions, please contact me via darkmodelmusic.com. I would love to hear your performance in the future.”

Dance of Wrath (Video)

“OMG, this is some of the best music i have heard.”

“You know, there was a time when I meditated accidentally and I came across music that was never before played here on earth and I have to say of all the music I’ve heard this is one of the closest to the genres of many the earth possesses over these generations. I only wish they were longer and more complete. You make incredible music. It’s almost like your playing the music of the universe. Well done, Dark Model.”

“Pretty good job mate. Truly inspirational music. Fits perfectly for GAMERS. I will suggest you to make a track that lasts more than 10 minutes for maximum enjoyment. Keep up the good work.”

“Impressive shit :D”

Fate (Video)

“Wow! Addicted, needing, dying for…every beat and note. Stay with us always.”

“Discovered this via Pandora. Epic song.”

“Really amazing! Congrats by a new fan of Brazil!”

“Good I like classical and Dubstep keep up the good work!!!”

“Wooooow, very nice style 🙂 keep it up.”

“!! !Nice !!!! My pants are wet !!:)”

“HOLY SHIAAAAT xD you just made really happy the original is one of my favorite songs and this is one epic remix DUDE is there a way i could use your music in a few of my movie projects ? That would be ultra great :D”

My answer “So glad you liked it, thanks! As for using my music to media projects, please refer to the FAQs and guide pages. License FAQ: http://www.model-electronic.com/library/faq/

Broken Arrows (Video)

“You sir are extremely talented! I love ‘Close to Infinity‘ – keep doing what you do!”

“This sounds like walk in pain; moving and exquisite.”

“Fucking amazing to listen to while writing apocalypse stories”

“Dude u fucking need more views, this is outrageous and fucking awesome! Keep making these kind of music! Someday people might like it!”

Ran (Resistance) (Video)

“You are on my bookmark for a few month already ! This one is very cool, but could you possibly make a long edition with the coolest part of this one (example 0:00 – 0:22) :p ?”

“I think that would also be great if U try a transition into DnB :p”

“Hi there, I like your music a lot. I was wondering If i could have your permission to use this track in a movie I’ll be making soon?”

My answer “Thanks for your interest. As for synchronization use, please visit our license FAQ and its related pages. http://www.model-electronic.com/library/faq/”

Close to Infinity (Video)

“Brilliant. I think we shall have to invent new words to describe you. You are far more than can be listened to here.” (As a reply from another person) “Genre: Dark Model”

“Miley Cyrus has nothing on dark model :p”

Oath (Dubstep Remix) (Video)

“Oh God, I was looking for music like this. Mega like it”

“Dark Model, I love your stuff. I have been looking for this type of music all over the place.”

“The album is great ! Sounds like Hollywood OST’s (Original Sound Track)!”

“This is a Badass remix dark oath I like. Keep making more of this kind, please.”

Abandoned (Video)

“This is the kind of music I have been looking for my whole life.”

“You deserve to be recognized a lot more”

Double Cross (Video)

“I really love your music! thanks for making it! this is by far my favorite song!”

“This is awesome to spit some wicked shit too!!!my mind races with bars! you got a fan here 😉 “

Oath (Original Mix)

“I’m really excited to hear it (= the next album)! Keep up the good job then ;D”

“!THIS! !IS! !EPIC! I love it man.”

“Fucking Awesome bro”

“Very nice drops man!”

Onibi (Video)

“It’s like Dan Brown INFERNO (inspired by) Dante Alighieri…”

Prayer for the New Moon (Video)

“Love it keep it up you’ll get there one day!”

Requiem for an Angel (Video)

“I really like this. You should put rating enabled because that’s a thumbs up for me :D”

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