5 Tracks Re-Uploaded with Better Quality on Dark Model Youtube Channel

These five tracks were re-uploaded with better quality and louder sound (which is closer to the real sound of the album) on Dark Model Youtube channel. I hope you will check them out and experience the high-quality sound and video.

These tracks are included in Dark Model’s first album.

3. Close To Infinity (Uplifting / Epic Orchestral Electronic / Cinematic/Motivational)

4. Broken Arrows (Epic Orchestral Electronica / Piano / Apocalyptic / Gothic)

5. Onibi (Demon Fire) – Cinematic / Drumstep / Thrilling / Orchestral Electronica

8. Ran (Resistance) – Epic Orchestral / Choir / Post-apocalyptic Trailer Music

11. Moment Of Truth (Epic Orchestral EDM / Cinematic Breakbeat /Drumline)

This post is also available in: Japanese

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