More digital music platforms have joined to distribute Dark Model releases

Additional music setvices May 2020

These digital music stores and streaming services in Japan and China just have started to distribute releases of Dark Model. Recochoku, mora, e-onkyo music, and OTOTOY handle hi-resolution audio files such as 24bit/48Khz WAV and Flac. Hopefully, you will enjoy listening to Tatsuya’s music through these services as well.

Additional music setvices May 2020

Additional digital music stores and streaming services

Japan | | recochoku | mora | e-onkyo music | OTOTOY | rakuten music

Otoraku| FaRao Pro (These are background music suppliers for restaurants, bars, and similar establishments.)


QQ Music | Kuwo Music(酷我音楽)| NetEase Cloud Music(網易雲音楽)| Xiami Music (蝦米音楽)

Releases which have started to be distributed via these platforms

For details, please visit each release page in Discography section.

『Dark Model』『Saga』『Oath 』『Flashback』

Dark Model - First AlbumDark Model - OathDark Model - OathDark Model - Flashback

Discontinued: Google Play Music

We have decided to end distributing all Model Electronic releases to Google Play Music. We don’t have a plan to shift and distribute our releases to Youtube Music

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