“Oath (Original Mix)” is now available on Apple Music and Spotify

Oath (Original Mix)

Dark Model “Oath (Original Mix)” has been available on major MP3 download and streaming services such as iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon. Hopefully, you will check these links and enjoy the music.

This original mix has been featured in many TV programs, commercials, and video game trailers such as Xbox One “Forza Motorsport 5”, Blizzard Entertainment “Overwatch,” and Lexus ES commercial.

(The dubsptep remix of “Oath” is included in the first album, “Dark Model.”)

MP3 Downloads

iTunes US
Amazon US MP3
Bandcamp (Full Digital Discography including 7 releases – 30% Off)
CD Baby
Google Play
Amazon in other countries: UK/France/Italy/Germany

Streaming Services / Music Apps

Apple Music
Pandora (Artist Page)
Slacker Radio (Artist Page)
iHeartRadio (Artist Page)
Shazam (Artist Page)

Track Description

Keywords for this track:
Apocalyptic, Building, Dark, Dramatic, Emotional, Epic, Symphonic, Orchestral, Electronica, Hybrid, Motivational, Inspirational, Sports, Percussive, Explosive, Brave, Heroic, Impulsive, Badass

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