July 18, 2014

Dark Model “Prayer for the New Moon”

This track may be called a derived “Japanese” version from “Prayer for the Night“. It features Japanese instruments such as Shakuhachi and Koto, which specifically helps to invoke dark, suspenseful, or eerie atmosphere of traditional Japan. Suitable for historical movies,…

Dark Model – Abandoned

This is the next preview from Dark Model’s full album. Cinematic and dramatically building down-tempo track that has a Trip-Hop and Psychedelic Dub-Rock flavor. BPM: 65 Keywords for this track: Orchestral, Trip Hop, Downtempo, Psychedelic, Cinematic, Soundtrack, Dub, Alternative Rock,…

Dark Model – Double Cross

This is the next preview from Dark Model’s full album. Cinematic, orchestral psychedelic funk track with a touch of 70’s B-movie soundtrack. Filled with thrilling, mysterious, and suspenseful atmosphere. BPM: 100 Keywords for this track: Electronic, Orchestral, Funk, Cinematic, Suspenseful,…

Dark Model – Hope Is Never Gone

This is the next preview from Dark Model’s full album. Uplifting, trance-esque orchestral electronic track featuring minimalistic piano, strings & horn phrases, and marching drums. With this track, I wanted to put some hopeful and positive energy into the album….

Dark Model – Candle in the Desert

Unlike most of the other beat-oriented tracks on the album, this is an ambient soundtrack which has a touch of psychedelic atmosphere. It features simple but lyrical piano phrases, and it builds up gradually with minimalistic orchestral & guitar riffs….

Dark Model – Broken Arrows

This is the next preview from Dark Model’s full album which will be released on May 16th, 2014. This track begins with a dark piano intro and builds dramatically with full orchestral arrangement and massive electronic beats. By the way,…

Dark Model – Prayer for the Night

Dark, suspenseful, eerie score featuring sparse acoustic guitar phrases, ethnic flute, very low brass, rising strings, and building drones. Suitable for trailers, horror/suspense, cyberpunk/paranormal sci-fi, etc. BPM: 103 Keywords for this track: Eerie, Scary, Ominous, Horror, Suspenseful, Drone, Dark, Foreboding,…

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