Broken Arrows (Orchestral/Storytelling/Melancholic)

Dark Model-Broken Arrows

This is the next preview from Dark Model’s full album which will be released on May 16th, 2014. This track begins with a dark piano intro and builds dramatically with full orchestral arrangement and massive electronic beats.

By the way, this may be different from what you would expect from the title, but this track was not inspired by the famous movie “Broken Arrow.” Not limited to the feudal era in Japan or the Middle Ages in Europe, there has been many parables and anecdotes where “arrows” come up as symbols of human bonds and wills such as loyalty, trust, creed, or even fighting spirit. Those symbolic connotations inspired me. Having said that, what I wanted to incorporate in this music was, “Your (fighting) spirit never dies even if your arrows are broken.” Which is the opposite to most of the contexts where people use broken arrows in a figurative way.

This track was featured in Mr. X inc (Canada) 2016 Reel.

BPM: 90
Keyword: Orchestral, Epic, Trailer, Electronica, Melancholic, Sad, Dark, Apocalyptic, Doomsday, Aggressive, Classical, Symphonic, Gothic, Piano

Movie Directed by Paradise Jam (
CG by Akao

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