April 7, 2017

Dark Model album review on Joonbug_0625

Dark Model album review on Joonbug.com

“We know you’ve heard of electronic music, but have you ever heard “orchestral electronic” music? No you haven’t; that is, not until Dark Model came along. The creator of the genre, Dark Model dark created the sound and carefully crafted…

Dark Model_on_Ellenwood_0624_700

Dark Model album review on Ellenwood

“Like metal, most electronic music with a classical bent nowadays only contains vague nods or heavy sampling/covering of old classics but each Dark Model piece has been lovingly crafted by Oe and is its own stand-alone work, merging an electronic…

Dark Model_review_on_Indie_Mutiny_0615

Dark Model album review on Indiemunity

“I can guarantee you’ve never heard anything quite like Dark Model. The record is so well-executed, it’s almost impossible to believe that it’s the work of one person. I’d be more likely to believe that a team of the industry’s…

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