Model Electronic Music Library Pro 2015

Model Electronic Music Library Pro

We have launched a new music library that specializes in license deals with our clients and professional music directors & supervisors in the television, film/trailer, video game, and advertising industries.

Unlike our present music library (i.e., it is necessary for you to register our membership in order access the website. If you are interested in using this library and are professional music directors who are in charge of music supervision, please check the guide page and contact us completing the form.

Guide & Contact for registration:

Features of this library

1. Creatively focused, musically diverse selection

– Emotional, storytelling music ranging From Epic/Hybrid music to Indie Rock

2. Pursuit of Variation: Great abundance of alternative mixes, stems and stingers
– We have meticulously collected a lot of alternative mixes/versions, remixes, and even stems & stingers (or hits/shots, impacts) to cover a broad range of your needs. Some of our songs have more than 10 alternative mixes & stems per one original mix!

3. New mixes & remasters
– Especially, almost all of Captain Funk’s past releases were re-mastered in the light of usability for music synchronization with high-quality media.

Note: Accounts on Model Electronic Music Library Pro are intended for professionals who are in charge of licensing music to films, television shows, advertisements on a daily basis. We may contact and ask you about the detail of your project and why you would like to use the library. Thanks for understanding.

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