Dark Model album review on Alternation.eu (score: 100%, 5 Stars)

“This opens up the possibility to combine different musical genres, and by using them to express varied emotional states of the artist. A musical torpedo.”
AlterNation magazine chose the Dark Model album with their great review (score: 100%, 5/5 Stars). I would like to give big thanks to the author hellium and Alternation magazine.

“Judgment Day” featured on “Big Knockout Boxing (DirecTV)”

Dark Model “Judgment Day” was licensed and featured on DirecTV’s program “Big Knockout Boxing” (Season 2). This track is included in the Dark Model first album.

Dark Model First Full Album Out Now

Dark Model’s first full album is a spine-tinglingly epic and relentlessly bold odyssey of sounds & beats consisting of futuristic and edgy orchestral electronica from Tatsuya Oe (Captain Funk).

Dark Model album review on Short and Sweet NYC

Introducing Dark Model album review on Short and Sweet NYC. “The whole collection of 16 ends with a dubstep remix of “Oath.” This one I truly like.”

Oath (Dubstep Remix) Video Published

Introducing the video of “Oath (Dubstep Remix)”, which is finally the last upload from Dark Model’s debut album. This is also the culmination of the video team Paradise Jam & Akao’s contributing work to the album project.

Dark Model Album “5 STARS” Review on Examiner.com

Great review with 5 of 5 STARS on Examiner.com. “Dark Model’s self-titled album offers up an electronic sound like no other. The symphonic experience is one of a kind as Dark Model provides listeners with an orchestral theme on 16 cuts.”

Dark Model album review on Trailer Music News

Dark Model’s album was reviewed on Trailer Music News, specialized in introducing top-notch artists making cinematic music and soundtracks which have been used in advertising campaigns for motion pictures.

Oath (Original Mix) on Xbox One “Forza Motorsport 5″

Dark Model “Oath (Original Mix, 2014 version)” was licensed and featured on XBox One – Forza Motorsport 5’s campaign video. This version of “Oath” is available on Dark Model Bandcamp page.

Dark Model’s debut album scored 9.5/10 on Under The Gun Review

Dark Model’s debut album scored 9.5/10 on Under The Gun Review. “Tatsuya Oe has created one of the best electronic music efforts in recent memory and easily one of the most grandiose and memorable of 2014.”

Onibi (Demon Fire)

Preview of Dark Model “Onibi (Demon Fire)”, incorporating modern electronic music such as EDM / Drumstep / Neurofunk and cinematic orchestral music into the next level.

Dark Model album review on Dance Music Northwest

“His first album, self-titled Dark Model, is an audio storyboard or sorts, and unfolds just as you’d expect from a superhero sound engineer: thrilling adventure, dire downfalls, and triumphant victory.”

“Oath (Dubstep Remix)” on Verizon Wireless “Droid DNA” Ad

Dark Model “Oath (Dubstep Remix)” was licensed and featured in Verizon Wireless TV Commercial “Droid DNA -Extra Sensory”.

I Will Return (2014 Album version)

This is the new version of “I Will Return”, which was newly arranged and mixed for Dark Model’s album. I added some orchestral and percussion elements and checked the whole arrangements so as to make this storytelling track more dramatic and articulate.

“Fire Back” on Northern Ballet “Brief Landing”

Dark Model “Fire Back” was featured on Northern Ballet‘s dancer Kevin Poeung’s performance called “Brief Landing”. This awesome performance movie was directed and choreographed by ballet master Daniel de Andrade.

Dark Model’s Music on TV Spot for “The Paperboy” Movie (str. Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, John Cusack, etc)

Dark Model’s “Fire Back” was licensed and used on TV commercial for Lee Daniels’ new movie “The Paperboy” (starring: Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, John Cusack & Macy Gray).

“Candle in the Desert” on “Elysium (2013)” Promo

“Candle in the Desert (Dark Mix)” was included on the first footage reel of Columbia Pictures‘ 2013 film “Elysium” (Starring: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, and Sharlto Copley. Dir: Neill Blomkamp “District9″).

Ran (Resistance)

Intense, rousing, and apocalyptic electronic orchestral track featuring choir and massively pounding beat. “Ran” means “Resistance”, “Rebellion”, or “Riot” in Japanese.

Dark Model “Fate” on Lucozade Sport “Endurance”

Dark Model “Fate” was featured in Lucozade Sport (GlaxoSmithKline) “Lucozade vs Water – Endurance-” Ad Campaign films (UK).

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