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Dark Model is the latest project of award-winning music producer Tatsuya Oe, which focuses on edgy, orchestral-electronic, and storytelling-themed music. Oe was born in Hiroshima, Japan, the country of Godzilla and Kurosawa, now residing in Gotham City, New York.

Oe has an exceedingly diverse background in music, which has continued to evolve over the course of his twenty-year career. He has released signature tracks under the names of Captain Funk, OE, and Dark Model, while also having completed several hundred remixes and collaborative projects with other artists. Music critics have referred to Oe as the “Remix Wizard,” and the “Modern Renaissance Man,” “…sailing into the uncharted waters of dance music.” Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) described his music as “F***ing insane!”

Survivors (Audio)

A teaser from the upcoming album

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Tatsuya Oe has created one of the best electronic music efforts in recent memory and easily one of the most grandiose and memorable of 2014. The fact that his self-titled album as Dark Model is merely a debut should be nothing short of intimidating to all other producers within the world of EDM. (Score: 9.5/10)

Under The Gun Review

Dark Model’s self-titled album offers up an electronic sound like no other. The symphonic experience is one of a kind as Dark Model provides listeners with an orchestral theme on 16 cuts. (5 out of 5 stars Final Grade: A)


This disc really surprised me. It’s not exactly my kind of music. This album, though, just blew me away. In fact, it’s likely to make my best of 2014 list. I’m pretty impressed with this. It works really well and is a great ride.

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Dark Model "Saga" Album

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