“Farewell to the Moon” featured on Anon Optics’ “2016: MFI” Campaign Video

Dark Model “Farewell to the Moon” was licensed and used on a campaign video of Anon Optics’ “2016: MFI – Magnetic Facemask Integration.” This song is included in Dark Model’s first full album.

New Track: Dark Model – Vengeance Is Mine

An aggressive Hybrid Rock/Orchestral Electronica track that consists of heavy guitar riffs, massive drum sound, fat bass, and impressive strings phrases.

BPM: 80
Keywords: Alternative Rock, Hybrid Rock, Epic, Industrial, Orchestral, Aggressive, Heavy, Energetic, Shocking, Dangerous, Downtempo

New Track: Dark Model – Rage and Redemption (First Version)

Dark Model’s new track, following the first full album. This is an uplifting, apocalyptic, and Gothic Industrial-esque EDM track that features choir and orchestral sound. At the moment, its downloads are available only at Bandcamp (MP3) and the Official Download shop (MP3/high-quality WAV).

“Hope Is Never Gone” on TBS (Japan) “Real Escape Game TV”

Dark Model’s “Hope Is Never Gone” was used in TBS Japan’s Emmy-nominated TV drama “Real Escape Game TV (リアル脱出ゲームTV)” (Aired on Jun 12, 2014). “Hope Is Never Gone” is included in Dark Model’s first album.

“Abandoned” featured on Specialized Bicycles’ Promo

Dark Model “Abandoned (No Strings Mix)” was licensed and used in Specialized Bicycles’ promo video called “The New S-Works Venge.” Specialized is a major American brand of bicycles and related products. Check out their awesome clip.

Dark Model Nominated for the 14th Independent Music Awards

Dark Model’s first album has been nominated for the 14th Independent Music Awards in the Dance/Electronica Album category. There is also an audience award called Vox Populi, so hopefully you will register and cast your vote to Dark Model.

Dark Model “Broken Arrows” on Middara Kickstarter Campaign by Succubus Publishing

Dark Model “Broken Arrows” was licensed and used in Succubus Publishing’s Kickstarter campaign for their story telling board game. This song is included in Dark Model’s first album.

Dark Model First Full Album

Dark Model’s first full album is a spine-tinglingly epic and relentlessly bold odyssey of sounds & beats consisting of futuristic and edgy orchestral electronica from Tatsuya Oe (Captain Funk), an electronic music master who was born in the land of Godzilla and Kurosawa, now residing in Gotham City. News (March 26, 2015): This album has

50 Comments on Dark Model Youtube Channel that Inspired Me

I frequently receive impressive and encouraging comments via Dark Model Youtube channel. To show my gratitude, I would like to show some examples of those awesome words here. Obviously these comments have been my inspiration. Thanks so much!

Dark Model “Bionic Warrior” featured by the House of Marley

The House Of Marley, the headphone and portable audio brand, is featuring Dark Model’s early work “Bionic Warrior (2015 New Master)” for their product demo kiosks at retailers. We happened to find the kiosk at Bed Bath & Beyond in NYC. Enjoy the video!

Dark Model Q&A/Interview on the Independent Music Awards website

The artist page for Dark Model has been launched on the Independent Music Awards website. As it includes my exclusive Q&A/interview, I hope you drop by the page and enjoy reading the article.

Dark Model – Oath (Original Mix, 2015 Remaster)

Dark Model Youtube channel has achieved 1,000 subscribers. As a token of appreciation for your support, we’ve uploaded the original mix of Dark Model “Oath” (2015 Remaster).

“Judgment Day” on “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Jimmy Fallon”

Dark Model “Judgment Day” was used in the first part of Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Jimmy Fallon.”

Retail Shot: Dark Model CD in Tower Records Shibuya, Japan

One of Dark Model’s fans in Japan sent me a picture shot in Tower Records Shibuya, one of the biggest CD retail outlet stores in the world. I want to give shout-outs to him and Tower Records Japan.

“Abandoned” featured on Fox Head’s Promo

Dark Model “Abandoned” was licensed and used in Fox Head’s promo video called “Fox Wake Presents | Rusty Malinoski We Live | The Extra Mile.” Fox Head (Fox Racing) is an action sports and clothing brand which designs, develops and distributes clothing and accessories to over fifty countries primarily focusing on motocross. Check out the awesome clip.

Dark Model album review on Alternation.eu (score: 100%, 5 Stars)

“This opens up the possibility to combine different musical genres, and by using them to express varied emotional states of the artist. A musical torpedo.”
AlterNation magazine chose the Dark Model album with their great review (score: 100%, 5/5 Stars). I would like to give big thanks to the author hellium and Alternation magazine.

“Judgment Day” featured on “Big Knockout Boxing (DirecTV)”

Dark Model “Judgment Day” was licensed and featured on DirecTV’s program “Big Knockout Boxing” (Season 2). This track is included in the Dark Model first album.

Dark Model album review on Short and Sweet NYC

Introducing Dark Model album review on Short and Sweet NYC. “The whole collection of 16 ends with a dubstep remix of “Oath.” This one I truly like.”

Oath (Dubstep Remix) Video Published

Introducing the video of “Oath (Dubstep Remix)”, which is finally the last upload from Dark Model’s debut album. This is also the culmination of the video team Paradise Jam & Akao’s contributing work to the album project.

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